Porsche long-therm rental

All Porsche models currently available for long-term rental:

Convincing arguments for renting a Porsche

It is the German sports car brand with probably the greatest tradition: For years, the models from Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen have stood for purist sports cars, perfect workmanship and, above all, lots of driving pleasure. Driving a Porsche not only means a lot of prestige and luxury, it is also a clear statement in the direction of sportiness: drivers of a Porsche want to drive actively, want to enjoy the revving pleasure, engine sound and agile chassis. As a major Porsche rental company in Germany, we know what we’re talking about. And renting a Porsche is the logical conclusion of that.

Advantages of a long-term rental

Whereas in the past it was purchasing, financing or leasing that made it possible to enter the world of Porsche, more and more people are now resorting to long-term rental. At first glance, this seems expensive or unreasonable to many people – but a closer look at the advantages of this flexible form of renting shows that the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages:

High flexibility

Why should you buy a Porsche that you will ultimately only use for a few months in the summer? Long-term rental matches the rental period exactly to the vehicle’s actual useful life. This is reflected not least in a price saving – calculated over the year. A change of the personal dream car is also very uncomplicated and possible at short notice, so that you can drive tens of different Porsche models at once without being tied to a specific car for too long!

No credit check

In contrast to financing and leasing offers, no SCHUFA or other credit check of the tenant is usually required. In most cases, a fixed German residence and compliance with the minimum age requirement are sufficient for renting.

All Inclusive Prices

A leasing rate may seem inexpensive at first glance – But the long-term lease already includes all the costs that are incurred with such an expensive vehicle as a Porsche: Use, vehicle insurance, vehicle taxes, maintenance and wear parts. As a lessee, you have absolute cost control and will not be surprised by expensive follow-up costs later on.

Always rent the latest Porsche

As a rule, the Porsches in the DRIVAR® long-term rental are always the most current models and have just been freshly floated in – so you can always drive up with the latest available Porsche model on the market or simply exchange your vehicle for a newer model after a while.

Locations: Where can I rent a Porsche?

Whether it’s Berlin, Hamburg and Düsseldorf in the north of the republic or Munich, Frankfurt and Stuttgart in the south – with now over 50 different vehicle locations, we not only cover the above-mentioned metropolitan areas, but also enable fans from less densely populated areas to fulfill their dream of renting a Porsche. Brand new additions to our rental service include cities such as Cologne, Dortmund, Nuremberg, Würzburg, Hanover, Leipzig, Dresden, Magdeburg and Rostock.

The different Porsche models

It is therefore almost a matter of course that you can also rent a Porsche among the many sports cars at DRIVAR. Regardless of whether you want to rent the absolute classic Porsche 911 for a weekend, which has been delighting its fans for decades with its boxer engine, sporty rear-wheel drive, and timeless silhouette, or whether you need a luxury vehicle for your next longer trip – with the Cayenne and the Panamera, Porsche combines the proven sporty virtues with comfort and equipment at the absolute top level. But the entry-level Boxster and Cayman models are also enjoying increasing popularity, as they in particular, with their mid-engine concept, exhibit incomparable agility and driving pleasure.

The Porsche rental with maximum quality

All Porsche listed with us have been personally verified by us and are not mere “fantasy vehicles”. We take great care to ensure that all sports cars for rent and their providers meet our internal quality criteria, that the vehicles are actually available at the specified location and that our customers have a truly unrestricted experience when they rent a Porsche. Even in conflict situations, the DRIVAR® team is there to help and advise – so we are much more than just a broker of sports car rental requests. The idea of our platform is not too old – But the team behind DRIVAR® has been in a leading position in the sports car rental industry for over 8 years and knows that it depends on much more than just picking up a cheap price. Therefore: Trust the quality of true professionals when it comes to such an emotional topic as renting a sports car.

Also not insignificant: the right insurance. All Porsche models listed with DRIVAR naturally come with self-drive rental insurance. But that’s not all: Extensive additional options, from the reduction of the deductible to passenger insurance and bail insurance, ensure an unclouded experience even in the worst-case scenario – and thus maximum driving pleasure!

Porsche long-term rental at any location: The DRIVAR® delivery service

And if a region of your choice is not represented by us or you would like to have your Porsche delivered to your vacation destination: No problem, with the help of our extensive logistics network we also offer you a Porsche for rent in cities that are not obviously represented here. By the way, this applies not only to various locations in Germany, but also includes personal delivery throughout Europe!


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Porsche gift voucher – gift ideas on road & race track

Give your loved ones a great pleasure? With a voucher for Porsche driving you give away a very special adventure, which will be remembered for a long time! All Porsche experiences are suitable as an outstanding gift idea for both men and women: Starting with the familiarization tour with a personal instructor, the rental for a day or a weekend up to the action-packed Porsche driving on the race track or a Porsche drift training, the portfolio includes everything the heart of car fans desires! Thanks to the huge selection of vehicles on DRIVAR®, everyone can drive their personal dream car today!

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