Autobahn car rental in Germany

Enjoy the Autobahn at 300 km/h and more!

Over 500 exotic cars available!

Over 50 pickup destinations in Germany!

Driving on the Autobahn

We call it the fastest highway in the world, and there’s a simple reason for that: The German Autobahn has no general speed limit! Combining perfect straight roads with a brilliant road maintenance system there simply is no better place to reach top speeds of 300 km/h and even more. 

A wide choice of sports cars for the Autobah

Of course, driving on the Autobahn without an appropriate sports car could be kind of boring. That’s the reason why we offer a wide range of over 250 sports and supercars for rent to make your trip to Germany an unforgettable experience! It doesn’t matter if you go with a real German sports car like our Porsche 911, take out Godzilla – the Nissan GTR – for a ride or aim for an over-the-top-experience in an Italian supercar like a Lamborghini, all of them have their special characteristics and will put you on a whole new level of driving on the Autobahn in Germany.

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The All-Inclusive Autobahn Driving Package

For all those who just want to have the maximum fun on the German Autobahn with less risk at an affordable price, we created our Autobahn Driving Packages. An experienced instructor knowing the fast sections in his area at their best will guide you throughout the whole experience. Fuel costs and fully comprehensive insurance are already included. The best: All Packages are available from 18 years of age and there’s no security deposit to pay! It’s the ultimate Autobahn Car Rental Experience!


Available Packages:

Beginner’s Package
  • 30 min total driving time on normal Autobahn sections
  • experienced instructor
  • Fuel costs included
  • fully comprehensive insurance

from 299€

Standard Package
  • 60 min total driving time on normal Autobahn sections
  • experienced instructor
  • fuel costs included
  • fully comprehensive insurance

from 499€

Prof. Package
  • 60 min total driving time on unlimited Autobahn sections
  • experienced instructor
  • fuel costs included
  • fully comprehensive insurance

from 599€

Ultimate Package
  • 90 min total driving time on unlimited Autobahn sections
  • experienced instructor
  • fuel costs included
  • fully comprehensive insurance

from 799€

Combo Package
  • for 2 drivers
  • 2x 60 min total driving time on normal Autobahn 
  • experienced instructor
  • fuel costs included
  • fully comprehensive insurance

from 549€ each

Available cars for our packages

German Category

  1. Porsche 911 Carrera
  2. Audi R8 V10plus
  3. Mercedes AMG GT-S

Italian Category

  1. Lamborghini Huracan
  2. Ferrari 458 Italia
  3. Ferrari 488 GTB

Special Category

  1. Nissan GT-R
  2. Ford Mustang GT
  3. Chevrolet Camaro

We’re more than just a sports car rental company

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What is DRIVAR?

DRIVAR is a digital Carsharing-Platform, where car owners can offer their sport, high-end luxury and classic cars in a easy and uncomlicated way to the customer. DRIVAR ensures a smooth process of rent for the customers and the owners. Furthermore DRIVAR provides the perfect insurance packages for your perfect Dream-Rent.

Does DRIVAR own the displayed cars?

All cars on the platform are in possesions of a wide range of owners. Before the display DRIVAR does a background check to ensure that there are only reliable and legitimate owners. Aswell as checking if they have the necessary requirements regarding the insurance of the cars.

Can i rent a car if i don´t have the required minimum age?

Yes, for certain cars we do offer a special „Young-Driver-Insurance“. Which cars are available with this insurance will be checked upon your request.

Is a deposit required?

Yes, the amount is displayed in the car offer on our website. In most cases it can be payed in cashed or via credit card.

How do i pay the price of the rent?

The rent is to be payed in a payment method of your choice. This includes cash, card or credit card.

Where to collect and drop the car?

The city or region of the car is shown in the offer. For security reasons we do not display exact pick-up locations

Are there any additional costs?

The prices in display are already the full price including everything from insurance to the kilometers. Some cars have higher rent prices on weekends (Friday/Saturday/Sunday). Additional cost might come towards you when the kilometers are extended or you want a additional insurance.

When do i get the exact address?

As soon as the car is reserved for you. You will get all the information needed for a smooth and easy collection of the car. This includes the address as well as a contact number.

How much is the excess in a case of damage on the car?

The amount for the excess differs from car to car and will be shared with you during the process of the reservation. With a additional insurance you can lower the amount of excess.

Can i move the date due to weather conditions?

No, you can usually not change the date for that reason. An exception is if the owner of the car agrees to that.

What are the costs in a case of a cancellation?

The cost of cancellation ranges between 25% and 100% of the rent price. You will receive an overview for all conditions during the process of reservation.

Can i get the desired car delivered to my home address or any other address?

Yes, this is possible upon request. The excact price of delivery costs will be shared upon receiving the desired address.

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