Overview of luxury sports cars

If money is not an issue and you want maximum driving pleasure, there is probably only one vehicle category in the world: luxury sports cars. We at DRIVAR® give you a brief overview of what characterizes a luxury sports car; and its advantages and disadvantages. An overview of the most popular luxury sports car brands also helps newbies find their luxurious dream car.

What actually is a luxury sports car?

Lots of cars are now called sports cars. But to be a real luxury sports car, you need a little more: According to the general opinion, a luxury sports car should have the following features that distinguish it from ordinary sports cars:

  • A very high vehicle price Limited availability
  • A high engine power, often achieved through high engine speeds, large displacement and / or supercharging
  • A low design, which leads to a high aerodynamic quality but also to the lowest possible centre of gravity and thus good road holding
  • A balanced weight distribution between the front and rear axles
  • A chassis optimized for high lateral acceleration and the appropriate tires
  • A 2-seat or sometimes 2 + 2-seat arrangement in the interior
  • An above-average acceleration and top speed

Based on the above list, it quickly becomes clear why several luxury cars such as high-performance sedans, SUVs, compact cars, or station wagons meet some of the criteria, but rarely represent a real sports car in the true sense of the word, but are more likely to be described as sports cars.

The most popular luxury sports cars

Manufacturers all over the world have been producing sports cars of the most varied types for tens of years. These include very exotic brands from the super sports car segment such as Pagani or Koenigsegg. Some world-famous manufacturers have made a name for themselves as traditional sports car manufacturers over the years. According to our own experience, these include the following luxury sports car brands and models, which we present to you in more detail on the respective sports car underside so that you can find your perfect dream car.

Aston Martin sports car

Ferrari sports cars

Lamborghini sports cars

Jaguar sports cars

Porsche sports cars

How can I drive a luxury sports car?

If you don’t feel the throttle tingling with these famous names, we can probably no longer help you. Car fans arouse the urgent need to experience driving pleasure in a real sports car for once. We show how this is possible in the following list.

Buy a luxury sports car

The easiest way is to buy a sports car from the nearest car dealership or a trusted dealer. The advantages are obvious: You get the sports car you want, and you can have it without restriction. The disadvantages of this variant are just as unmistakable: it is above all the high price – which only continues with the expensive maintenance of the sports car – that all too often throw the dream of having one’s own sports car on the table. You should also have your garage and that such a car is only partially suitable for everyday use doesn’t necessarily make things any better.

You can find an overview of affordable sports cars that are still lots of fun in our blog post “Affordable sports cars.”

A test drive in a luxury sports car

The procedure of the test drive is the same as for the purchase: you visit the car dealership of your choice, pretend you are interested in buying and you have the keys to your dream sports car in your hand. What sounds simple, usually fails in practice with the dealer or seller himself: They have little interest in indulging inexpensive driving fun at their own expense. And even if it works, test drives are usually limited to a few hours or even minutes, and often even the seller is a passenger in cars as expensive as a sports car. So this variant is not the yellow of the egg.

Rent a luxury sports car

The last variant combines the first two: You choose the car of your dreams, pay some money for it, and can still use it as if it were your own. While this used to be a niche business, the luxury sports car rental market is now booming. Why it makes sense to rent a sports car instead of buying one is very simple: You can also enjoy exotic vehicles like Lamborghini or Ferrari, and you can use the car without restrictions and for longer periods. After renting, you can park the car again without even thinking about the expensive maintenance or purchase costs of such a sports car.

If you want to get an overview, here is a list of the latest luxury sports cars in Germany that you can easily rent today:


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