Voucher DRIVAR® Motorsport Day Gold

Voucher DRIVAR® Motorsport Day Gold


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DRIVAR® Motorsport Day Gold

The DRIVAR Motorsportsday is THE event (and perfect gift idea) for all fans of racing sport that can´t get enough of spending time on and off the race track. You get to drive several high end sports cars on one day! And the best is yet to come: All with a professional instructor, theory coaching, insurance and gas all inclusive!

An overview over your cars for the day:

Porsche 911 GTR

These number have respect on they name: 9-1-1. Not just in the United States there is a myth connected to theses numbers. They stand for on of the best sport cars of all time!

When Ferry Porsche and Erwin Komeda came up the design for the original 911 the probably didn´t know that they created of of the most famous and best sport car brands in history. The influence of the 911 has been present since in the Porsche company.

With the 911 GT3 Porsche has it´s own mark in the racing sport which has already collected lots of prizes including winning “LeMans”. The power is pure yet when driving it the amount of control you have over the car is astonishing! So what´s better then taking the GTR for a couple of laps?

Audi R8 V10

Audi´s prestige project under supervision of Martin Winterkorn sets new standards in the segment. The provocative and aggressive exterior is combined with high power racing car engines. It is the fastest car from Audi!

With the start of production starting in 2007 the R8 is a pretty new car series compared to its competitors. The new and modern concept reaches up 300km/h easily.

Especially since the new version of the R8 uses a Gallardo engine!

Ferrari 488 GTB

Ferrari is probably the most know brand for super sport cars. Build in Maranello, Italy you get the best of italian design and manufacturing.

The mid-engine 488 GTB is a Beast! With whooping 670 HP and speed up to 330 km/h you will make the race track seem like a tunnel!

Lamborghini Huracan

The name comes from the legendary bull Huracan who won many bull fights in 1879, Alicante.

True to its name the Huracan is a beast. The sharp and elegant yet brutal design is paired with one of the best engines of this class. The base model LP 610-4 already come eith 610 HO and a 5,2 liter v10 engine. The Top-Speed comes to 325km/h. It sprints to 100km/h in 3,2 sec. So do not blink!

Mercedes AMG GT-S

It came to the market as a competition to the Porsche 911. With the high standards by the 911 Mercedes excelled and presents an extraordinary car. With its own AMG developed engine and a “Race Mode” this sports car is hard to beat on the race track.

With speeds up to 300km/h the laps will just fly by!

Corvette Z06

It is the American equivalent of the Porsche 911: A fat V8 beat, planted in a very light chassis and the unmistakable boat tail have always made the hearts of US car lovers beat faster. Since the C7 series, the Corvette has not only been incredibly fast, but has also completely arrived in Europe. In the USA it is old hat to rent a Corvette for a weekend trip – Now finally also with us!

The combination of large-volume V8 engines and rear-wheel drive ensure playful acceleration and lots of driving fun. Of course, the “downsizing” trend has also arrived overseas in the meantime, so that a comparatively economical V8 is also installed in the current version. For all true fans, however, this will probably be irrelevant, which is why DRIVAR only offers the “original” for rent.

The Z06 is what the 911 GT3 is at Porsche: an uncompromising racetrack deposit with lots of power, but also an absolute weapon in the curve due to the perfectly optimized chassis and its low weight!

What does this voucher include?

You acquire an unforgettable complete event on the race track!

We would like to give you the perfect gift that will not cause you any additional costs or unpleasant surprises when redeemed. Therefore, we already include the following services in the Motorsport Day Bronze voucher:

Drive on the race track in a choice of 4 of the above mentioned race cars (14 laps in total)
Professional, personal motorsport instructors
Detailed vehicle briefing
Driver coaching & theory briefing included
Ample time for photos & videos
No deposit required!
From 18 years!
No date commitment – Individually redeemable
Fuel costs are included
Insurance included

Locations for the redemption of the DRIVAR Motorsport Day in Germany

With a wide range of locations, we really want to give everyone interested the chance to redeem their dream car at a location of their choice. Currently this is possible in:

Motorsportarena Oschersleben near Magdeburg
STC Motodrom (Spreewaldring) near Berlin
Bilster Berg Drive Resort near Paderborn
Driving Center Groß Dölln near Berlin
Lausitzring near Dresden




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