Porsche 911 voucher instructor ride

Porsche 911 voucher instructor ride


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Driving a Porsche 911

It is the classic of all sports cars in all of Germany: the Porsche 911. For over half a century, the Porsche brand has known how to convince with honest sports car values: dreamlike driving performance, an absolutely timeless silhouette and perfect drivability still show today why we are dealing with one of the best sports cars of our time when driving a Porsche.

about the Porsche 911

This series of numbers inspires respect: 9-1-1. Not only in the United States does this abbreviation stand for a myth that is also known far beyond the country’s borders. However, we are not talking about heavyweight law enforcement officers here, but about a sports car that made history.

From today’s perspective, it is doubtful that Ferry Porsche was aware of the significance of the design he submitted at the end of the 1950s. Together with Erwin Komenda, he had been commissioned to design a new Porsche model to replace the aging 356. The specifications were minimal: the wheelbase was to be no longer than 2.20 m, and the engine and drivetrain were to be at the rear. In addition, the model was to convey the feeling of a genuine Porsche at first glance, which would prove to be a stylistic benchmark for today’s automobiles from the company.

Once presented as a particularly sporty variant, even the basic model now includes the name suffix Carrera. This is no exaggeration, given the qualities of this sports car: even the standard version takes the driver to 100 km/h in just 4.6 seconds. At least 350 hp fire up the Carrera at up to 6,600 rpm, taking the driver to almost 300 km/h. The top models with the abbreviations GT3 or Turbo, on the other hand, even run well over 320 km/h… Definitely an absolutely unforgettable experience!

What does this voucher include?

You purchase an unforgettable ride in a Porsche, the chosen route is completely in your own hands!

We would like to give you the perfect gift, which will not cause you any additional costs or nasty surprises when you redeem it. That’s why we already include the following services in the Porsche hire voucher:

Ride in a Porsche 911 for 60 minutes incl. personal instructor
Detailed vehicle briefing
Sufficient time for photos & videos
No deposit necessary!
No date commitment – individually redeemable
Fuel costs are included

Locations for Porsche driving in Germany

With a wide range of locations, we really want to give every interested party the chance to redeem their dream car at a location of their choice. Currently this is possible in:






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One weekend



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